Auch dank des hier bereits erwähnten vierten »Black Knights«-Bandes »Vertraute Angst« hatte ich letztens einen ganztägigen Ohrwurm. Schuld war diese Stelle:

“When you’re alone in the shower, what do you sing?” he pressed.
“Uh,” she wracked her under-oxygenated brain and could come up with only one thing. “I guess…” She raked in a deep breath and, yep, no fireflies. But the world was still spiraling out of control. “I guess I always sing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’”
She was surprised by the sound of his deep chuckle. Really? He was laughing and talking inanely about what songs she sang in the shower? At a time like this? Was he insane?
“Guns N’ Roses, eh? Somebody’s been spending too much time around Ozzie.”
And, oh crap. Just the thought of the Black Knights’ resident techno-geek—and his penchant for ’80s hair bands—made her miss home so much that tears burned behind her eyes. What she wouldn’t give to hear Boss and Becky arguing right now, or see Steady Soto thump- ing out an unconscious rhythm with his pencil as he sat hunched over a medical journal at the conference table, or taste the foulness that passed for coffee back at the chop shop. Instead, she was here, inside this decaying tree. In the capital D-A-R-K.
Her heartbeat, which had begun to slow just a tad with thoughts of home, kicked itself into overdrive once again.
Then the sound of Rock’s soft voice drifted from the blackness. “She’s got a smile that seems to me…”

Und was geht mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf? Logisch, oder? ^^