Ui, jetzt wird es gruselig, aber die beiden Trailer lassen auf eine packende Geschichte hoffen – was denkt ihr?

The Endless USA 111 mins The directors of MIFF 2015 film Spring return with an engrossing tale of high-concept Lovecraftian horror centred on two brothers following their escape from a cult. Ten years ago, brothers Justin and Aaron escaped from a what Justin claimed was a “UFO death cult”, right as the cult was about to commit mass suicide. But Aaron didn’t see it that way, and remembers a wholesome community with good, friendly people. When the two receive an unexpected message from their former “family”, Aaron convinces Justin that they must return to their old home. But when strange and inexplicable events predicted by the cult begin to come true, the brothers must unearth the truth before history repeats. Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead write, direct and star in a unique film that defies easy genre conventions. The Endless is a film of creeping dread, part horror, part science fiction, skirting the supernatural and keeping the audience guessing until the very end. „The Endless is going to be one of your new favourite horror movies … it’s poised to be that breakout genre hit that It Follows and The Babadook were in past years.“ – SlashFilm

THE ENDLESS (2018) Teaser Trailer | Supernatural Thriller