Schon wieder ein Sonntag ohne Wochenrückblick – wo soll das denn noch hinführen? Aber in manchen Wochen ist der Wochenrückblick nicht weiter lohnenswert, daher seht euch doch lieber dieses Video über die Arbeit von Untertitlern an.

Ich habe früher auch häufiger Untertitel für Filme und Serien übersetzt und kann leider bestätigen, dass man in diesem Job viel zu wenig Anerkennung bekommt – und dass im Allgemeinen auch sehr schlecht bezahlt wird, was die nicht besonders hohe Qualität vieler Untertitel erklären könnte …

The Invisible Subtitler - A Documentary (SDH Subtitles included)

Have you ever wondered who is behind the subtitles you read in a film? **ALL COPYRIGHTS RESERVED*** Synopsis: „The Invisible Subtitler“ is the first documentary that gives you a clear insight into the world of subtitling in the film industry. It is an independent documentary about the use of subtitles in cinema and the life of subtitlers themselves who are living in the UK. It also focusses on the economic issues faced by the subtitlers and how they are currently invisible in the globalised business of the film industry. The Invisible Subtitler‘ was screened at the EU Commission at Westminister, London -2013 ‚The Invisible Subtitler‘ was selected to screen at the Turkish Labour Film Festival 2013. „The Invisible Subtitler‘ was selected as a representative for Turkey in the Global Labour Film Festival 2013. ‚The Invisible Subtitler‘ screened at Athens, Greece in the Akouorama film festival for the deaf & blind- 2013 **Special thanks to members of Subtle, Dr. Jorge Diaz Cintas and everyone involve in the making of this film production** **Also a VERY Special thank you from the team for the SDH subtitles (Beta Version) for the documentary provided by Emmanouela Patiniotaki *** Production Manager Stanislava Sihelska Narrator Sandeep Garcha Music Rishabh Rajan Soundtrack Sharjeel KhanXada Poster Design Saif Mohammed (Jackfruit Media) Additional Photography Vichitra Joshi Suryakiran Enjam Social Media Manager Steven Soares Directed by Aliakbar Campwala „The Invisible Subtitler“ is a production of Arc Pictures, UK. **More information about all our other projects available on** ***Follow us on Twitter:***